Bill cuts backing for Operation Mend quilt Quilts to be donated, in progress Bill displays Operation Mend quilt top Quilt to be donated


Philanthropic Quilting & Sewing

Patches invites you to volunteer your quilting and sewing skills and to donate supplies to those who are in need of your warmth and support. Please contact us today to join us as we quilt, and/or to donate batting, fabric, and other supplies.

Although we support various charitable efforts, the two primary organizations to receive quilts year-round from Patches are Operation Mend and Angel Interfaith Network:

Operation Mend

Operation Mend provides plastic and reconstructive surgery to injured veterans. Please take a few moments to see the extraordinary facial reconstruction undertaken by affected veterans and UCLA, and to read UCLA nurse stitches American quilt to honor burned soldier. The video accomanying the article includes dedicated Patches volunteers quilting for these wounded warriors.

Angel Interfaith Network

Angel Interfaith Network partners with Los Angeles County and University of Southern California Healthcare Network to meet unique physical and spiritual needs of patients and families with neighbor to neighbor support. They respond quickly with donated funds, goods and services to urgent needs identified by health care staff. They bring material support directly to neighbors’ homes and stay in touch until the crisis is past, and find local resources to assist with additional needs.

Licensed Fabric Available for Charitable Works

Patches has received a collection of licensed fabrics for use in charitable works. The fabrics must not be used commercially or for personal use, and is available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Providing Youth with the Life Skills of Sewing

Patches also teaches sewing skills to local youth, enabling them to develop the important life skill of sewing and to nurture their growing interests in sewing and quilting. By donation your supplies, you, too, can be a part of their proud accomplishments and development of a lifelong passion.